01.10.18 | New Bourbon Alert | Bear Creek Distillery

American Whiskey

We are keeping in Colorado as we head down the street from Laws Whiskey to Bear Creek Distillery. I’m pretty sure with the right amount of skill and a little luck you could roll a barrel straight down to Laws from Bear Creek!

Let’s talk about one of Colorado’s newest Straight Bourbon Whiskies that has emerged from its 3 year slumber to join a growing cast of delicious Colorado bourbons! The technical facts are that this bourbon sports the young 2 Year age statement and brings with it a beautifully standard 45% abv. Sounds like a whole lot of other bourbons out there, right? Well here is where I’ve spent the last couple days reflecting on this whiskey, because it isn’t and I had a bit of a revelation of why these young Colorado spirits make me so excited!

At a young age there are a plethora of base flavors that you can’t hide behind the barrel. As the drinker you are getting to experience the ingredients of the whiskey itself. For many of the emerging craft distillers there is a commitment to using high quality locally sourced ingredients that they are proudly showcasing with their whiskies. There is no bitter, astringent, alcohol taste to these young bourbons. In the case of Bear Creeks’ bourbon I found a beautiful harmony of nature in the glass. The mouth feel was a creamy cereal of fresh grains, honey balm, cinnamon sticks, and bright green florals. The flavors shined the spotlight on the quality of the locally sourced grains that are used. It was beautiful and shows the base on which given more time in the barrel you will have a grizzly bear of flavor in the glass.

Bear Creek isn’t a one trick pony either as they’re rolling out all sorts of delicious and high quality distillates! We actually ended up taking home a bottle of their AMAZING cask strength rum that aged in Laws Four Grain Whiskey barrels! Teamwork makes the dream work people.

If you’re ever in Denver make sure to stop by Bear Creek Distillery for a pour of whiskey and one of their delicious cocktails. Good alcohol makes good cocktails!

Remember to hug a craft distiller today for what they’re bringing to the Industry right now!


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