01.10.18 | The Fiercest Critic | EH Taylor Single Barrel Bourbon

American Whiskey

I have the most amazing wife in the world, this is true for a million reasons! One of these reasons is that she is so very supportive of my journey with no aim through whisky and cocktails. She is my bar side ride or die until the end! Whether it be trying a new bar, sipping cocktails, or at a whisky tasting you will pretty much always find Leah by my side.

Unexpectedly though, I have also created one of the fiercest and unapologetic whiskey reviewers this side of the Mississippi. She is the bad cop to my good cop when we sit down to sample whiskies! If she likes it then we better have doubles of it, cause she is going to drink it.

Today I bring you a Mrs. Whiskey Accountant approved bourbon, the EH Taylor Single Barrel Bourbon. This Taylor comes from Buffalo Trace’s Mash Bill #1 aka the Low Rye (10% or less). A non age stated bottled in bond that my best guess drinks like a 10 year and has an abv of 50%.

The color is a wonderful burnished gold that you just cherish in a Bourbon. The nose is very approachable and is of decadent caramel chews and browned sugar with an earthy must of oak. On the palate I was met with a quick bite of oak that nipped with the tongue with a pinch of pepper. That bite though opened into a decadent vanilla birthday cake that carries sweetness all the way into the finish. The finish was leather oak with a flash of alcohol that turned to a sweet and warm fresh butterscotch on the stovetop.

I’m a big fan of the EH Taylor line and the Single Barrel is a crown jewel of it. For an everyday drinker this Taylor is an incredibly approachable and easy drinking bourbon that drinks below it’s proof. Whether in a cocktail or neat in a glencairn I ensure you that the the EH Taylor Single Barrel will get the job done for ya!


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