01.10.18 | The King of Peat | Bruichladdich Octomore Edition 7.3

Scotch Whisky

First review of 2018 and it is a serious banger that I spent most of my time off exploring… the OCTOMORE (duh duh duh duhhhhh).

I often times feel that I am on a greater divine journey to seek out the outer limits of peaty scotch to taste them all. For me peat is such a fascinating resource due to its significance in the making of scotch!

For today’s tasting we have everyone’s favorite peat nuclear bomb series… the Bruichladdich Octomore, specifically the 7.3 release. For a wee bit of reference your typical Islays have a PPM (parts per million) phenol of 30-50, with some reaching up to 100. This particular Octomore sports a PPM of 169, so yeah this thing is peaty AF, it’s beautiful! The last technical points are that it is a beast at 63% abv, aged 5 years in American Bourbon Barrels and Spanish Wine Casks of Ribera Del Duero, and the barley is all from the coast of Islay itself. I’ve spent the last several days tasting it each day as this has been one of the most interesting scotches I’ve ever had, and has been a dandy to think about and reflect on!

In the glass the Octomore is a charred gold, reminiscent of what is to come. The nose was very similar to a different favorite spirit of mine, Mezcal! A meaty smoldering brick combines with the saline spray of the ocean, while a sweet lemon poppy seed cake provides a muted sweetness to the nose. As you can see this one is already a journey for the senses!

The palate began with an ancient smoke from deep within a smoldering fire. A red piece of seasoned meat cooks on a salt block that awakens the taste buds. A floral spice of oak accompany a fruit laden Bienenstich cake – this association must just be due to the holiday season – of almond, honey, and baked grains.

The finish is heavy of sea salt, that leaves a salivating mouth wanting more of the scotch! Smoldering peat along the coast side slowly dwindles away leaving a deep smoke flavor in the mouth.

The brute of heavy flavors with a delicate undertone of nuanced flavors there for you to find. It’s a beautiful thing.


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