03.04.18 | Turn the Volume to 11 | PM Spirits Mic Drop Straight Bourbon Whiskey

American Whiskey

Little did I know that I was already so spiritually connected to PM Spirits than when I began doing research on them in preparation for this review. PM Spirits was founded by Nicolas Palazzi who grew up in France and understandably got himself into the Cognac industry before launching PM Spirits. Nicolas has now turned PM Spirits into a premier curator of and promoter of artisanal spirits that exude quality. From Cognac and Armagnac to Mezcal and eau de vie, they are all top notch labels that PM Spirits carries. We have ourselves some of their Armagnac and Mezcal. Once I realized that they were turning out their own Bourbon from barrels they picked I knew I was 100% going to be in for a treat. Now the Mic Drop Straight Bourbon Whiskey was a New York release only, so it took some sourcing, but was eventually able to get my hands on a bottling of it!

From my experience with the Mezcals that PM Spirits carries their brand is all about a clarity and a commitment to the craft. To no surprise, the label of the Mic Drop provides a plethora of information to ensure ultimate clarity. The Mic Drop is an MGP distillate that was distilled in 2009 and bottled in 2017. The bourbon within is a blend of 20 different incredible casks that have a mashbill of 75% corn, 21% rye, and 4% barley malt. Bottled at cask strength of 56% abv, unfiltered, and natural colored there is absolutely nothing else you could need to know about this whiskey! And that is just how it should be. Plus there were a lot of terrific attentions to detail on the bottle design, from the glass stopper to the very different and intense comic book like hero adorned with a sneak and a freaking eagle. I suggest going to their website, because the inspiration for the label design is quite cheeky and I love it! I hear a lot of people poo-poo on MGP distillate when I know for a fact they’re drinking it, loving it, and they don’t even know it because there are not many labels out there committed to this sort of clarity. My advice to those people, stfu and if it tastes good who the hell cares where it came from! But I digress, let’s get onto the review.

In the glass, the Mic Drop is a light burnished orange, almost copper hue, that has legs that run parallelly down the glass. Definitely can tell its still on the somewhat younger side at 8 years of barrel time. Now at first, the nose had me concerned. As I worked my way into the nosing I definitely had to take my time as it begins fairly intense with strong notes of ethanol. Take your time, take a sip first and allow your body to acclimate because it gets good… The harsh heat quickly subsides and opens up a candy shop of sweetness. There is a basket of fresh picked red apples alongside a pot of melting butterscotch candies, while whole cloves and cinnamon sticks are ground down to a powdery form. The dessert like profile carries over to the palate as gooey caramel bites slowly melt over granny smith apples and sugar-coated plantains are brûléed. The exotic flavors continue to a holiday black tea that steeps on the taste buds, bitter and full of cinnamon, anise, and vanilla beans. Dry oak tannins briefly show their face on the finish and cause the mouth to salivate, an oily leather coats the entirety of the mouth, and hard honey candies take you along to the future.

The Mic Drop Straight Bourbon is one of the more lively and multidimensional bourbons that I have had in awhile. There is an actual story about where the name comes from, but I think the name Mic Drop comes from the fact that PM Spirits picked some kick-ass barrels that have turned the typical bourbon flavor profile up to an 11 on the audio system! If you have been looking for a bourbon that breaks the monotony of honey and oak, well this is the bourbon for you!