01.10.18 | New Kids on Tennyson | The Tatarian


A very exciting day indeed for the Whisky Accountant with the opening of The Tatarian on Tennyson street in the Berkeley neighborhood. Tatarian is the newest addition to Mike Huggins and Lenka Juchelkova’s bar portfolio of the Arvada Tavern and Union Lodge 1. The common theme amongst the three is constant, damn freaking good cocktails. The volume 1 cocktails at The Tatarian all pay homage to the trees you find in nature, so the cocktails incorporate aromatic spices, herbs, and roots from all walks of nature.

Now if you open up within walking distance of the Whisky Accountant you better believe you are going to get some serious love!

For scientific purposes, Mrs. Whisky Accountant and I sampled a few of their libations.

“Black Jack” | Knob Creek Rye, Laphroig 10 year cask strength, chocolate bitters, smoked honey syrup, benedictine, and a flamed orange | as you can imagine this was AMAZING and was the Whisky Accountants first cocktail choice. I mean come on, Scotch + Rye = all that I love in this world!

“Bodhi” | A chai tea infused pisco cocktail that was rich, velvety, and creamy in a glass topped off with a smoldering cinnamon stick. This drink was a full sensory experience of taste, sight, and smell intertwined.

Last but not least, “Árbol Del Tule” | a deliciously smoked Mezcal cocktail with a slight bite at the end of every sip.

However, this isn’t just your typical cocktail bar, because the Berkeley neighborhood isn’t just your well, typical neighborhood. Tatarian is your gathering place for not only AMAZING cocktails, but also good beer, affordable shots, and good times. That is a place that we can get behind!

Cheers and welcome to the neighborhood!